reptile party bookingAccurate information from Snakebusters® and protecting our customers.

It is important for our customers to know that the reptile information they get is correct.

The Snake Man Raymond Hoser and Snakebusters have spent decades building up a reputation for being Australia’s foremost source on accurate information about snakes and other wildlife, whether for snake shows, school holiday program entertainment, reptile education, kids reptile parties and so on.

TV networks, news services, media, scientists and others world-wide have come to depend on Raymond Hoser and his staff for the best information about reptiles.

The accuracy of the Hoser information is such that a well-known phenomena in the reptile world is the so-called “Hoser factor”.

When a person comes out of the woodwork and slams anything Hoser says, the claims are checked and then after that, assuming the claims are found to be wrong, then the person is investigated.

While no one alive is perfect, when it somes to reptiles, no one is closer to perfection that Raymond Hoser.

Statements made by Hoser and lampooned by critics as “crazy” and now similarly derided as being blindingly obvious and of no credit to Hoser for being first to identify the facts.

Examples include that “private keeping of reptiles will NOT cause mass extinctions of Australian reptiles”.

This idea ran against government policy in Australia for decades and Raymond Hoser was alone in publicly criticizing government laws and wildlife policies.

Now that private keeping has been legal in Australia for nearly 2 decades and species have not died out en-masse, the Hoser position is being derided by Hoser’s critics as blindingly obvious, even though the same people were admant Hoser was wrong 20 years ago. Recall, it was only as a result of the publication of the Hoser books, "Australian Reptiles and Frogs" in 1989, and several later books that forced the government to allow the legal private keeping and ownership of reptiles.

The same facts apply for those who attack the Hoser educational reptile shows, hands-on childrens parties, and school incursions as being a recipe for mass deaths among kids who will then (as they claim) rush into the bush and kill themselves by mishandling venomous snakes.

The facts run the opposite.  In the ten years to 2010, not one single child has died from snakebite in Victoria.  As to why, it’s because the dominant reptile show company in Melbourne is Snakebusters and Snakebusters teach people in reptile awareness displays the right things about reptiles and without demonizing them.

If involved in reptiles and investigating facts, it soon becomes clear that if a person attacks Raymond Hoser and his statements, you’ll invariably find that it’s the critic who is wrong and not only that, is best defined as an enemy of conservation.

These critics invariably include persons adversely named in Hoser corruption books, inferior business rivals of Snakebusters, and others with axes to grind, but who never mention this in their spirited attacks on Hoser and his world leading reptile awareness displays.

So to define the “Hoser factor” is simple.  If a person attacks Hoser, you’ll find it’s them who are falling short of the truth, not Hoser.

This is also why Snakebusters are so protective of their intellectual property (IP0, including trademarks and the like.

Noting the underhanded and dishonest statements of some inexperienced business rivals, including for example their claims that devenomized snakes regenerate venom (they don’t), the claim made for the sole dishonest purpose of putting irrational fear into potential customers of Snakebusters, it is important that people not be confused who is associated with Snakebusters and our accurate information and who the dishonest people are.

In other words, people need to be confident that if they see the Snake Man advertised then the information will be either from Raymond Hoser direct, or with the same level of accuracy.

Ditto for all other trademarks associated with our company and that’s why if we see people using or bootlegging our trademarks, we will stop them!

The Snakebusters trademarks include phrases identifiable with the company, including, Australia’s best reptiles®, hands on reptiles®, etc, and include for the things listed below:

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