reptile party bookingNew species named by the Snakebusters® boss, Australia's Snake Man®.

Besides being involved in mobile reptile shows, Melbourne snake shows and Australia’s best reptile handling courses, Snakebusters are involved in numerous world-leading research projects.

Australia’s Snake man Ray Hoser has discovered numerous species of snakes and other reptile in the last 20 years.

None other live reptile show company is owned or staffed by any internationally recognised reptile experts. 

Put simply, Snakebusters and the Snake Man eclipse all other person's or company's names in the Australian reptile and snake education industry.

Having named numerous high-end species including the world’s longest snake, the reticulated python at the genus level, (Broghammerus Hoser 2004), 9 of 15 recognised Death Adder species and also various rattlesnakes, cobras, pythons and more, the Hoser name is literally everywhere. 

To give you an idea of the recognition of Raymond Hoser and his globally recognised name, do an internet search on yahoo, google or bing, for some of the better-known Hoser species of reptile. 

Try for example, Acanthophis wellsi Hoser and see the thousand odd webpages using that Hoser name.  Or go for something bigger like “Broghammerus Hoser 2004”, the Hoser 2004 name for the reticulated python, now used by reptile experts everywhere and see many thousands of independent wepages using the Hoser name.

Ditto for any of a whole suite of Hoser named species like Leiopython hoserae, Morelia harrisoni, Pailsus rossignollii or others.

Why this is important is because it shows that Raymond Hoser and Snakebusters just don’t know a lot about reptiles, but more importantly, they know more about reptiles than anyone else in the snake awareness displays business.

When you get the best reptile parties in Melbourne, school reptile shows, corporate shows, mobile reptile display or child care centre reptile show with Snakebusters, you are guaranteed to get the people who will educate better than anyone else.

And yes, that’s just one of many reasons Snakebusters are known as Australia’s best reptiles.

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